About Party 54


The idea for Party54 originated from a vacation in Egypt with a friend of mine Gijs van Bommel. On one of our excursions we stayed over in Cairo for one night. No better way to spend that night then celebrating the nightlife in Cairo. Unfortunately after cruising in cabs all night we couldn't find one decent place, the only place we found this hotel disco filled we Arab sheik dudes and girls for entertainment…..

To make a long story short, the world needs not only a Lonely Planet, but also a Party Planet! That is why I created Party54 with my friends. Everybody is hereby invited to make this site the Google of Partyplaces all over the globe.

Lennard van der Poel

Friends who helped with starting Party54:

  • Renze Brems (Surfer Soul dude developer)
  • Martijn de Jongh (Mr loba Logo)
  • Maarten van Bree
  • Iljitsch van Beijnum (The Database Master)